Skin Collection

Animals are neither square nor perfect, and their hides aren’t either. Regular leather production has no use for the uneven or scarred parts of animal skin, relegating those scraps to the trash heap or to residual processors. But what if we gave these leftovers a new life, a new purpose? 


When furniture breaks, people discard it: a three-legged chair sits on the side of the curb, an incomplete vanity languishes at the goodwill store. But what if we took those broken chairs, tables, tricycles, lamps and desks and recombined them, creating new wholes out of seemingly useless parts? 


The objects in the Skin Collection were created by recombining bits and pieces of orphaned furniture and giving them a new jacket, a new skin, made of left-over leather. Together, these objects form a strangely organic family, almost creature-like with their long limbs and their soft, patchwork surfaces. And even when they’re on their own, the whole is more, much more, than its parts.




Unique pieces

Material: discarded frames, leather

Dimensions: on demand

Year: 2011-curent