Missing Piece Pin


The Missing Piece pin shows up in a variety of shapes and colours. This diversity is the metaphor of the numerous things that people crave for in order to fill the gap with the feeling of something missing. It's a little story with big meaning, a nod to a universal story of humankind.


Why is it that people hunt for things that they want the gap to be filled with? A gap that is temporarily filled with something new but doesn't make you whole. It's like reaching out for the peak of the mountain but once standing on the summit ... a hole range of mountain peaks appear.


So climbing to the top doesn't structurally fill the gap, neither does this pin. It's not about its shape or colour, the Missing Piece only reminds us of the HERE and NOW and that's exactly what's its meant for.





The missing piece is a common thing, hidden and sometimes to be found. Lately I found it in the lyrics of this song too.


''Nothing you can buy will ever make you more whole
This whole thing thrives on us feeling always incomplete
And it is why we will search for happiness in whatever thing it is we crave in the moment
And it is why we can never really find it there
It is why you will sit there with the lover that you fought for
In the car you sweated years to buy
Wearing the ring you dreamed of all your life
And some part of you will still be unsure that this is what you really want
Stop craving
Hold your own''

A verse of Kate Tempest - Hold your own