Paper Vase Cover Small covers up your glass and turns it into a vase

Tiny Miracles enables local communities to create their own sustainable livelihood through the manufacturing of Dutch design. Pepe Heykoop develops decorative creations using low-tech methods. Tiny Miracles brings those designs into their workshop for women in Mumbai, India, where these products are manufactured by hand. Tiny Miracles breaks the cycle of poverty for the Pardeshi community by not only creating fairly paid jobs for women, but also making them independent through self-confidence, education, healthcare and increased self awareness.

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Cousins Laurien Meuter & Pepe Heykoop founded Tiny Miracles

The key ambition of our foundation is realising a fully self supporting community in 10 years time, because giving just money will not really help in the long run. Giving these people a purpose in life and the tools to become self supporting however, will help immensely. That is why providing jobs is so incredibly important. Laurien teamed up with cousin and designer Pepe Heykoop who invented a range of high quality designer products that could be easily manufactured by the (mostly illiterate and uneducated) community itself. It is a mechanism that works both ways. On the one hand beautiful products which are being sold in musea and high end stores around the world. On the other hand a growing work force within the community. Since the launch of this initiative in 2014 the number of women who hold a fully paid job has grown to 100+ women today.