Stitch is a family of discarded furnitures found either on the street or in second hand shops. The project was sedigned to be made in a sheltered workshop. To make a 'perfect' fit is quite a specialist job, that was out of the question. Covering the items with oversized skins and stuffing them like teddy bears brings them character. 

The oversized skins were meant to be hand cut and hand stitched by workers of a 'sheltered workshop'. It appeared to be that they have a very limited concentration span and that they could not work really accurate. This resulted in oversized skins. We took care of the first prototypes in the studio. They were a hand-stitched skin stuffed with soft fibers. That’s where shapes start to grow.

Year - 2010   Material - found objects, cotton fiber

chair: L40 x W50 x H85 cm.