The first product I made from leather inspired me to make the Skin Collection. I figured out the amount of waste created on leather producs… it is about 30 percent of a leather skin. While researching this phenomenon it was clear that this is the common result in producing leather sofas, bags and jackets. Nearly the entire Leather industry deals with the fact that the animals shape does not meet their patterns.

The amount of leather scraps shocked me. In reaction upon that I started to collect the offcuts. Randomly putting them together applying them as a new skin to existing objects. I have had the habit ever since to collect damaged or discarded furniture’s from the street and flea markets and collected them at my studio. Skin Collection makes use of merging these types of frames for its skeleton, a skin of leather leftovers growing as a cell like structure covering the objects.

We do custom editions as well.

Year - 2011- ongoing   Material - leather remnants, discarded objects