Re-using discarded materials is the common thread through my work. Old boxes and an antique chair are transformed into a contemporary one-man office to keep up with the computer era.

Pulp-office provides just the basic space one needs working on a laptop.  The Pulp-office shows multiple layers of carton mixed with a self made eco glue and pigments. It has a worn out look with the nostalgia of time passing by. Beneath its thick paper skin lies an antique chair in fact crafted about a 100 years from now. Computers obviously didn't exist by that time. . Nowadays they are all over the place and we can hardly do without anymore. Two world collide in Pulp -office. The chair has evolved to current standards. The table-arm slides sidewards for an easy step in.

Its a survival of the fittest.


Year - 2017   Material - antique chair,  carton boxes, pigment, linseed oil.

L80 x W60 x H90 cm