The local sawmill produces lots of waste wood. Adorable bits and beautiful types but all different in size. That makes them hard to use for a regular production. The common thought is to sell it as firewood..

Tin is a type of metal that melts at a relatively low melting point of 232 degrees Celsius. Once it has molten it is just liquid enough to flow around the bits of wood, filling up the gaps. Its temperature is just not hot enough to burn the hardwood resulting in metal that flows around the hardwood and solidifies in cloud like shapes. Not any glue or screws are used keeping the wood together. Only a combination of leftover hardwood and old tin pots and plates were molten into in a collection of stools, tables and coffee tables.

Year - 2012   Material - leftover hard wood, recycled tin

coffee table: L80 x W80 x H30 cm

stool: H40 x Dia 27 cm

table: L165 x W70 x H75 cm