A desiderabilia, to things yet to come or to go back into the past. To a state of mind before facts turned into reality.

The lamp symbolizes a metaphor for opening our minds and thoughts to different possibilities, creating a new reality based on our dreams and fantasies. An inner world where fish can fly. 

In my younger days this often happened: I created a world of my own where nothing was impossible. Eventually this precious state of mind goes blurry, and vanishes often.

This project somehow reminded me of that time when I played with my hero-plastic-animal-friends which were alive to me. I assimilated the thought of it to a soap bubble - with beauty so fragile and enchanting, but restricted to touch. I can compare floating of a soap bubble with this experience of creating a project in a virtual mode. Something which is very different from my usual way of working: using my hands, real materials, simple tools.

Keeping our minds open, something shaped not only by real life facts but also with our imagination we feel one step closer to fantasy, like this ostrich diving in his dream world but leaving a part of his body in reality.

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Year - 2014   Material - 3D printed

H18 x Dia 20 cm