A clock catches time, and time is a result of moments passing by.  Cluster Clock is collecting memories and clustering them.  It is a clockwork with a fixed centre, the actual pointer of an analogue clock.  The ‘hours’ can be created by a flock of shelves on the wall. At least it looks like that at first glance. If you take a closer look you will find out that there are 12 little shelves on the wall to carry a collection of small personal things/memories. The 12 shelves are mounted to the wall in a circle with diversity in radius (distance clockwork shelf). That’s why a cluster clock can be applied to both big and small walls.

Cluster Coatrack and Cluster Shelves are within the same series of growing fragmented objects from bits and pieces. All of this wood is leftover from the local sawmill and ready for a new life!

Year - 2013   Material - leftover hard wood, steel

1-10 m