Lightness Of Being is a giant flexible lamp of 3.5m. The inside is full of technique, though its look refers to a giant fairy-tale flower from Alice in Wonderland. The base is 75 kg, the stem weighs only 700 grams. This is equal to 1% of its total weight. To switch on the light you pull the felt slowly over the stem and the 'flower' closes, and so does the light.. The movement of the lamp is based upon the reaction of flowers to light. 

It seems that flowers hardly move, though when this is filmed in a time lapse you will find out that they have lots of movement in them following the sun. When light comes in only from the side, plants can grow in spectacular ways. So can this 3.5-meter long lamp. It will find its way in extreme positions without the technical looks.

Year - 2008   Materials - metal, glassfiber, rubber, wool